The shackles look great but they confine you. But they really look great. You should buy a pair. We have a great offer for today only.

Music is being used to make slaves out of the youth. They can get you to use drugs, drink and disrespect yourself through song. Music is the new warfare. It guaranties the powers that be will stay in power. Most adults have failed to stop this but you can. Where will we be 20 years from now? In shackles if we miss the opportunity to fix the problems we face today.

F The Elemental

A New York City native and founder of the hip hop group R.A.C.E. His current album titled “Platinum Shackles” is available here – BUY NOW.

He started early in hip hop where he found that most artists are about the money with poor messages in their songs. He is the opposite. He has turned down lucrative offers to promote negativity and maintained his integrity. “We must give the youth something better to listen to. Would you allow your children to consume garbage?” He uses the mic to bring the social ills of the world to the ears of young people. “They are going to address the things we fail to solve”.