Platinum Shackles


F The Elemental

Born the sixth of eleven children in Harlem NYC, F The Elemental is well acquainted with struggle and sacrifice. Growing up in the projects he saw violent acts committed right outside his window as if they were scenes from action movies. He always wondered what was wrong with society and its treatment of slave descendants. Through the struggles of the ghetto and loosing many of his peers to the drug epidemic, he made a conscious choice to do things differently. He began to study the psychological effects of slavery and its impact on the victims as well as the perpetrators.

With the help of mentors he began to plan his life and put goals to paper with the hope of impacting the world positively. He immersed himself in the Hip Hop culture starting with dancing, moving to graphic arts finding his love; MC’ing. He took all of his questions and research and put them into rhymes with the intention of spreading intelligence to the masses.

Life’s challenges pushed F The Elemental into activism and community engagement. “One of the many things we lost as a people is our sense of community”. He uses his knowledge of Hip Hop culture to inspire young people to make better choices in life with the main goal of avoiding the many pitfalls presented within the culture. “We must be fully awake to take advantage of the opportunities hidden within the chaos”.

Platinum Shackles is the first solo album from New York City Hip Hop artist F The Elemental. The album contains 13 thought provoking tracks designed to create discussions amongst the young and old; covering family, faith, relationships, injustice, health, mental illness and oppression.

Album credits include: Mr. Fingaz (co-production) along with Jameison(guitar and bass), Tl Cross(vocals), Day Kornegay(vocals/co writer), Lashonda (vocals) and DJ Morris Code.

This is not your average music!

This Album Includes

This Album Includes

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